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Check with your health insurer (Accuro, Southern Cross, NIB and Marram) as many cover the cost of the appointment

Herbal Medicine

Initial consultation$140 (60-90min)

This consultation includes a full comprehensive health check, focussing on your current health concern(s), your health history, review of your diet and lifestyle, physical examinations, such as blood pressure, pulse, iridology,  tongue and nails. From this information a personal wellness plan is designed specific to suit your health concern and budget. The wellness plan may recommend lifestyle and dietary changes, herbal remedies, or specific supplements to support your condition.

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Follow up or short consultation $65 (45min)

This consultation takes place about 3 weeks after the wellness plan has been presented. During the follow up appointment any changes you have implemented are reviewed and adjustments are made if needed.​  A short consultation can also be booked for less chronic complaints if a full initial consultation is not required.

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Child initial consultation (under 16 years) (60min) $80

Child follow up consultation (30 min)


Babies (under 1 year)  Consultation (30 min) Free

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